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Legal Requirements

  • Both, groom and bride must provide the followed information:
  • Birth dates.
  • Occupations.
  • Current andress.
  • Material status (you have to specify clearly if single never married, divorced how many times, widow, etc).
  • Nationalities and passort numbers.
  • Parents names and last names, nationalities, residence, alive or not.
  • Two Witnesses: (if provided by hotel, please inform).
  • Names and last names.
  • Nationalities and passort numbers.
  • Marital Status (same as above).
  • Occupations.
  • Current andresses.
  • Names and last names.

Please take in consideration the following:

Passorts must be in force by the time of celebratin the wedding and be so at least 6 month after.

If groom or bride are divorced or widow upon your request, I will forwad your specific requirements.

Identity MUST / SHALL BE the same as in your passorts and birth certificates and marital status certifications and certifications of current andresses, same with names of parents and dates of birth. If there is any change or currently a case of adoptions, please inform and confirm with usual documentation.