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Tortuga Island Diving

Sunset Champagne Cruise

The Central Pacific Ocean offers many reefs, most of them volcanic, with a depth between 25 to 80 ft. The variety of tropical fish is huge: a lot of blue spotted, jackfish, manta rays, spotted eagle ray, southern stingray, puffers, ect. The water temperature goes between 85 to 95fª, and the visibility from 10 to 70ft, depending of the season.

There are several diving points along the coast and in Tortuga Island, which is famous for its good visibility and big amounts fish and corals. There are also 2 wrecks that complete the site offer.

Transportation to the dock (Tambor) and to the island at 8:00am after getting on the 34 feet “Cazador de sueños” yacht, designed for diving and entertainment. Where we’ll dive 1 or 2 times after nice trips around the area, getting chance for a little fishing during the trip to the island.


Tortuga Island Diving

8:00am – 4:00pm


Don’t forget to bring your camera, long pants, sunglasses,
sun block, a hat and money for personal needs.

PRICE $ 200 per person (2 tanks)



Tortuga Island Diving


Fruit, natural beverages


Two languages underwater professional guide (ICT)