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Facial Treatments

Therapies to clean, purify and moisturize your skin. These treatments leave your face glowing and refreshed.

Deep Facial Spa US$90

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This treatment starts with a peeling, extraction of blackheads and skin moisturizing. It ends with a facial massage.

Intense Hydratation US$ 90

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  • High Tolerance Cleansing Milk.
  • Total Comfort Astringent Lotion
  • Facial Exfoliation
  • Intense Hydration Serum
  • Hydra System Facial Mask
  • Long Lasting Hydration Facial Cream

Morning Dew US$ 90

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  • Specially designed for delicate and sensitive skins.
  • Total comfort cleansing milk.
  • Total Comfort Astringent Lotion
  • Sensitive Skin Comfort Balm.
  • Delicate Intense Relief Mask.
  • Long Lasting Hydration Facial Cream

For Gentlemen US$90

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  • Purifying Gel.
  • Total Comfort Astringent Lotion
  • Special Energy Boost Program that leaves skin luminous and glowing.