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Nicoya Península

Sustainable Projects

At Tango Mar Hotel we are aware of the importance of offering our services in accordance with a global operating system that respects the environment and supports the community.

Our commitment is confirmed by the implementation of sustainable practices, by means of which we have started the process to obtain the Tourism Sustainability Certificate (TSC) issued by the Costa Rica Tourist Board (ICT).

TSC was designed to classify and distinguish tourist companies according to the degree by which their operations come close to a model of sustainability, in terms of the management of natural, cultural and social resources.

This award is issued by the National Commission of Accreditation located in Costa Rica.

Currently, we have achieved the implementation of recycling programs and water and energy saving programs.

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Water Saving

Around the whole property, we have installed systems for water consumption measurement. In this way, managers actually know their expenses in water consumption and can consequently establish saving plans or goals. These plans are monitored and analyzed every month.
Our laundry is equipped with the latest technology machines; this allows us to control the exact amount of water that is needed to wash clothing.
Our kitchen has special procedure that favors efficient water consumption.
Through seminaries on this subject, we explain to our staff all the procedures for water saving.
We have installed a system of residual waters re-usage for the irrigation of green areas.
Tango Mar's internal regulations are focused on efficient water consumption.
Our guests are requested to collaborate for water saving. These are some of the recommendations we give them:

Close the sinks you are not using. If you notice a leakage, please immediately inform the reception or any member of our staff, who will immediately report the leakage to the maintenance department for proper fixing.
In your room you will find indications to prevent the unnecessary washing of bed linen and towels. We really appreciate your collaboration in this regard.
If you have any recommendations related to this fundamental subject, please let us know.

Energy Saving

We have installed fluorescent saving lights in 90% of the property.
We have high technology efficient systems of air conditioning and refrigeration that favor a sustainable consumption.
We have a system of energetic consumption measurement, which is analyzed every month in order to establish periodical saving goals.
All electrical switches have special labels so that users can remember to turn them off when not in use.
Our computers have a system of automatic shut down. There are also regulations for users.
Tango Mar's internal regulations are focused on efficient energy consumption.
Our guests are requested to collaborate for water saving. These are some of the recommendations we give them:

Turn off the lights you are not using.
If you notice any situation indicating an unnecessary waste of energy, please inform the reception or any member of your staff, who will immediately inform the maintenance department.
Please turn off TV before going to sleep.


We have implemented a recycling program, along with Cobano School, which is the gathering center.
Internally, we have achieved the separation of solid waste: plastic, paper, glass and tetra packs.
We have an internal center for the separation of solid waste.
We have placed in each department and public area the necessary containers for recycling, so that our staff members and visitors can collaborate in this pivotal effort.
We have trained our staff, explaining to them the current situation around the world, in Costa Rica and in our town and why we must take actions immediately.
Tango Mar’s internal regulations are focused on solid waste handling.
Tango Mar Hotel is awarded with the Blue Flag