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September, 2002

They're Back.....!

  • monkeys

Wildlife at Tango Mar

It's that time of year again when the mangos are going out of season and the almendro "nuts" are just coming into season. Hoping to find a feast, this traveling clan of howler monkeys is inspecting the new crop for ripe fruit. Finding none, the howling soon stopped and they settled down for a noontime nap.

  • Squirrel at Tango Mar Private Reserve Community and Resort, Costa Rica
  • Baby Iguana at Tango Mar Private Reserve, Costa Rica
  • Wildlife in Costa Rica, Tango Mar - Green Iguana on a tree by the ocean
  • Pizote on Nicoya Peninsula - Wildlife of Tango Mar Private Reserve
  • Red haired monkey on Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

Tango Mar is listed in many sources as being a Private Reserve. Although the extensive review process was never totally completed, residents strive to live in harmony with the wildlife by maintaining patches of mini-jungle areas and minimizing tree removal so as not to break the monkey trails. Directly above, on the left, is a pizote. On the right, is a red haired monkey (mono colorado) which used to be indigenous to this area. Since it needs a larger area to forage for its more specific diet, it is now usually seen in places like nearby Curu Private Reserve or in other costal areas, like Mal Pais. More Tango Mar wildlife