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November 21, 2002

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In a recent agreement among Tango Mar members and the owner of the resort and finca amenities, Antoon Vancompernolle, Tango Mar is adding two new wells to its current inventory of 3 wells. Additionally, with the construction of a new water tank for resort use a few months ago, water storage capacity as a whole has effectively been doubled!

This is great news for homeowners waiting to start construction as building permit restrictions will soon be removed. For those lot owners whose needs have changed and wish to sell, or for new lot purchases, adequate water can now be assured for everyone. The closure of this domestic water chapter will allow further studies into the viability of securing river water to provide irrigation to more areas of the golf course and community.

Water User Association Presidents, Bo Boeck and Forrest Geiger, solidify the agreement and will pool efforts to raise further donations for additional water related capital improvements for the betterment of Tango Mar, now and into the future. With the advent of the upcoming tourist season, and the interest in Tango Mar real estate that has been put on hold for awhile, this is great news!

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Forrest and Bo at the TMWUA water tank,
soon to be totally refurbished.

The Tango Mar Resort will now have its own water supply with two new wells, a separate tank and distribution lines. The existing three Tango Mar wells will be supplying primarily the homeowners through the existing tank and distribution system administered by the Tango Mar Water Users Association.