May, June, July, 2003

The Shape of Things to Come...
With a remodel at the Poolside Pirata Bar

Remodel of the Pirata Bar and Banquet Center at Tango Mar Beach  Resort Spa

First, stronger columns...

Pirata Bar - new roof line - Tango Mar Beach Spa Resort, Costa Rica

then, a concrete roof line..

Picture of ridge board being installed at the Pirata banquet center for wedding receptions in Costa Rica

a lower ridge board...

Pirata Bar, Tango Mar Hotel and Spa Resort, with new beams being installed

a new, lower profile...

Beach view of beachside Pirata Bar and banquet facilities at Tango Mar Hotel / Resort

from the beach, with a residence on the upper left.

Completed roof remodel on the Pirata Bar at Tango Mar Spa Resort, Costa Rica

Finished, and now, for the inside...

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