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March, 2003

Tango Mar Qualifies for The Blue Flag Beach Award

(Programa Bandera Azul Ecológica)

  • Costa Rica Ecological Blue Flag Award - Bandera Azul Ecologico - the flag flying at Tango Mar

Now, flying proudly over the entrance roundabout,
is our new flag of distinction.

  • Costa Rica Ecological Blue Flag Award - Bandera Azul Ecologico - Congratulations to the support staff

With recognition for a job well done, Hilde Cloet, wife of owner Antoon Vancompernolle, motions to some of those that made all of this possible. As with any process in Costa Rica, careful oversight was necessary to guide this award through the approval maze. Special mention goes to Tango Mar Resort Manager, Jimmy Molina and accountant Carlos Hernandz Brenez, both on the beach committee, as well as Coco and the finca crew. All would chip in, as well as the Resort staff, to help after a hard rain when debris often washes ashore. Oslin, to the immediate left of the center of the flag, who was mentioned in the Tango Mar Newsletter of November, 1999, is still with us doing his tireless task. Thanks to all finca and Resort personnel for making this achievement and award possible.

  • Bandera Azul Ecologico - Costa Rica Ecological Blue Flag Award - flag logo

The History of
The Ecological Blue Flag Award
(Bandera Azul Ecologico)

In 1996, with the aim of preserving this national treasure, the program "Bandera Azul Ecologico" (Ecological Blue Flag) was created by the Costa Rican water institute (AyA), in coordination with the tourism institute (ICT), the Chamber of Tourism and the Health Ministry.

This program, which is directed towards all coastal communities, was created as an incentive to protect the beaches from environmental contamination, so that they can continue to offer you their spectacular beauty.

The Ecological Blue Flag program is founded on the importance of education and information about the environment. The proposal is to increase public knowledge on this theme and promote the protection of nature.

In the same manner, the program aims to promote safety on the beach with adequate signs to guide and inform tourists, to increase the vigilance and first aid available and to protect the integrity of the tourists, as well as the entire coastal population.

To earn and maintain the Ecological Blue Flag, the communities, hotels and Chamber of Tourism need to unite and work together, because three times a year the beaches are measured and evaluated according to the following parameters:

1. Quality of ocean water 35%
2. Quality of water for human consumption 15%
3. Quality of sanitary conditions on the beach. 10% Rated according to three aspects:
a. Trash
b. Domestic water run off
c. Industrial water run off
4. Safety 10%
5. Environmental education and Administration 10%

The Ecological Blue Flag is awarded each year to the beaches that obtain a minimum of 90% in the evaluation. Each year more and more coastal communities are becoming interested in participating for this reward. There has been an important increase in the number of beaches that have collaborated with the program and are working to become part of the Blue Flag Route.

This project, because of its quality and innovation, was designated as one of the 25 most important works in Latin America at the Second Global Summit in Stockholm and has been used as an example for other countries to follow. The program has also increased the quality of life for the coastal population and has permitted the protection and care of the enchanting natural treasures, so that you can enjoy them in complete safety and tranquility. .

The success of this program has inspired its creators to extend and adapt the program to non-coastal tourist communities, with the aim to protect water resources and natural resources in general and to expand their benefits.