March, 2003

More Water for Tango Mar!

It didn't take long to dig hundreds of feet of trenches...

More wells, more water at Tango Mar Beach Vacation Resort and Residential CommunityLaying pipe in trenches for more water from the two new wells at Tango Mar

and to connect hundreds of feet of pipe with fittings and valves...

Backhoe covering the newly laid pipes at the Tango Mar Beach Vacation Resort, Costa Rica

and then cover it all back up again.   Job completed!

Using the engineers and skilled work force of Durman Esquivel, SA of San Jose, and the fast and precise work of a practiced local backhoe operator, the entire hookup project took only days.  ICE has turned on the electricity, and with a few last adjustments and connections, the activation of the two new Resort wells will add generously to the total supply of water for Tango Mar, assuring our domestic needs now, and well into the future.

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