June, 2002

Tango Mar Members,

The green season has returned with a vengeance last week with over three days of steady rain and torrential, tropical downpours due largely in part to a atmospheric depression in the Pacific.
The lake is half full and various waterfowl have returned, and the golf course fairways are becoming lush again!

More photos....
Waterfowl on seasonal lake at the Tango Mar Resort Costa Rica
Casa Pacifico, Tango Mar new home, Costa Rica beach resort

the newest addition to Tango Mar is finished and currently occupied in comfort by two families on vacation, enjoying Tango Mar and Costa Rica. Bienvenidos!

Photographs and information....
Under Reconstruction...

New home building at Tango Mar Retirement and Residential Resort, Costa Rica

the house on the Mirador that recently was destroyed by fire. This time, cement and blocks are being used following the previous footprint.

Next Month...
A look at then...and now.
The free form, natural curves and playful styling
compliment the main residence and two guest quarters on lot 36.
Cabina at Tango Mar residential and retirement community
Main Residence, July 1999
Costa Rica uniquely designed, natural curves, nature inspired home
Main Residence, 2002
Best Regards - Forrest

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