April, 2002

Casa Pacífico

Tango Mar beach home with view, Costa Rica

Incredible Views, and less than 100 steps
to the ocean from the elevated infinity pool...
A premier example of tropical beach lifestyle.

Casa Pacífico, embodies the best of both worlds - an elevated view of the ocean and coastline plus immediate access to the beach, just steps away from any of it's multi-levels. With over 5,000 square feet of living space, 6 bedrooms, a large infinity pool with a circulating waterfall, numerous balconies and decks for views and privacy, Tango Mar welcomes you to our community. What a commanding addition to our residential resort at the west end of the beach on lot one. There are a few more finishing touches being completed and furnishings being added, so we will return next month for a look inside, and also to experience the grand vistas visible from any room.

Casa Pacifico beach and view home, Tango Mar Resort, Costa Rica

Sunrise hues on home at Tango Mar
Dawn weaves its rosy tones on Casa Pacifico

More Pictures of Casa Pacifico on Lot 1

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