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  • jun-1999

Dear Tango Mar Member,

Pool at Tango Mar Resort, Costa Rica
For those of you who are not able to visit Tango Mar as often as you would like, this newsletter is a good time to bring you up to date on the recent building improvements that have been made at the resort. It appears that Luc and Anton, the new owners, are always looking for ways to improve the comfort of the hotel and common use facilities. Last year, they completed a major renovation on the interior of the hotel, and more recently, they have made major improvements to the swimming pool area as well as the Tango Mar restaurant and bar.

  • jun-1999-2

Come take a dip in the new "upper pool" (left) that flows into the original lower pool over a rock waterfall (right).

  • jun-1999-3
  • jun-1999-5
  • jun-1999-6

Adjacent to the new pool is the new rancho and luncheon restaurant. Enjoy a drink or lunch with your friends by the ocean and bask in the refreshing offshore breezes.

  • jun-1999-9

The new stairs from the bluff top Tropical Suites descend down to the side of the Tiki rooms below and then on to the beach and the main restaurant and bar.

  • jun-1999-10

The main bar and restaurant are getting a new floor, bamboo walls and trim.