Lot 36 - Ocean Front Guest Residences

Guest cottage, Tango Mar Residence, Costa RicaGuest quarters in Costa Rican botanical home by the ocean
The young copper patina glows in the shade awaiting the deeper tones with time.

Compare these pictures with the unfinished product in July, 1999 newsletter.

Free formed design of Costarican houseGuest room view from residence at Tango Mar Resort

The arced windows of the bedroom overlook the balcony and then the ocean just below.

Costa Rica uniquely designed guest cottage, Tango MarCosta Rica home designed to flow with nature

The owner mused while the guest cottages were under creation, "Many Tangomartians have already expressed their straight forward opinions! The construction is still in it's early stages. Just remember that unconventional ideas and experimentation sometimes leads to progress. Other times, it can take us nowhere. But, it always makes us wiser, and this time, hopefully, content." 

And, now that all is complete, I agree with both of the latter - "wiser" and "content".   We acknowledge and take pride in your creative achievement!

The Principal Residence, Outside

The Principal Residence, Inside

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