July, 2002 - Inside the Principal Residence

Living room of uniquely designed Costa Rica home
Main sitting area
Living area of free form, natural design house at Tango Mar, Costa Rica
Main living and dining area

Pillars in nature designed living room, Costa RicaIndoor living room jacuzze hot tub in Tango Mar, Costa Rican house
Columns can be fun, and doesn't everyone have a jacuzzi in their living room?

Kitchen, Costa Rica houseBeautiful working kitchen area in Tango Mar, Costa Rica house.
How could anyone not enjoy being in this kitchen?

Skylight design of Costa Rica houseUnique pillers in free formed, natural design costarican house
The graceful geometric patterns formed by the tropical hardwood beams in this modern day yurt inspired design casts diffused light upon the pillars below

The Guest Cottages

The Principal Residence, Outside

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