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July, 2008

The New Reception, Kitchen and Spa

  • newreception

New construction at Tango Mar will be bringing our visitors and guests, a new reception area for checking into the hotel upon arrival. While you are a guest, you can make tour, restaurant and spa reservations. Then when you are ready to leave, you can check your departure schedule before leaving the hotel.

  • rebar

We are also building an entirely new kitchen area, with a bakery, so we can continue baking our own bread and pasteries for our guests enjoyment. We are proud of the expansion and hopefully, we are going to be able to offer a finer quality of food services in the future. 

  • backhoe

Along with the new kitchen, we are also expanding the restaurant area, so we can seat more guests, particularly during the high season.

  • construction2

We are including, in our new look…a brand new spa and as an added bonus, something we have never had before, we are building the entire upper floor of our new addition to include private rooms, for large parties. Guests who want to have a private area, to entertain a wedding party or a seminar group, etc., can book these areas for their exclusive use.

  • construction3

We are also designing an area where guests can have dinners served, for their own groups when they would rather be in private area, rather than in the main restaurant. We are hoping that this will lead to more incentive travelers, wedding planners, etc., using our hotel, once we put these amenities in place.

  • rebar

Right now, as you can see by the photos, we are in the middle of some very serious construction and hope to have it finished, before the next high season begins, in December. We have allot of heavy equipment on the property and at times we do have some construction distractions, but we are hoping that very soon, this will be at a minimum.

  • blockwall

For the present time, we are serving all meals at the Rancho, out by the swimming pool area. It is a rather pleasant change from the more formal restaurant ambiance. But we are anxious to have the new reception, restaurant, kitchen, spa construction completed, because we feel that this is going to be such an improvement, over what we had in the past, people will be more excited than ever to visit our hotel.

  • swimmingpools

The improvements that we are making are going to be all-encompassing and will definitely contribute to a much more enjoyable experience for our guests.

  • dinner

In the meantime, enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Rancho by the beach! We at Tango Mar, invite you and your friends and family, to come and stay with us, soon. We look forward to you joining us in the celebration of our expansion.