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  • Yurt like mushroom shaped house at Tango Mar, Costa Rica

Like two giant mushrooms looming within a botanical garden overlooking the Pacific, the copper roof line of the Principal Residence of lot 36 may indeed startle a new visitor!

Join us as we circle the outside of the main residence of the three acre estate of Lot 36.

  • Front door of main residence on lot 36, Tango Mar Residential and Retirement Community
  • Botanical setting Tango Mar Resort, Costa Rica

Nature's curves abound everywhere as well as the playful use of colors, mimicking the tropical flowers in various states of bloom.

  • Outside principal residence on lot 36 Tango Mar Costa Rica house
  • The stairs of free formed design of a Tango Mar, Costa Rica house

As with any stroll in a natural habitat, one needs to be very careful of their step!

  • Botanical garden setting at home in Tango Mar

Over two years ago, before construction began on the Principal Residence, the owner wrote, "Look around in Nature and you will find virtually no straight lines or geometric figures. Yes, the horizon is straight and sodium chloride crystals form a geometric structure, but generally, Nature is dominated by curved lines or forms. Just think of a curved line of a blade of grass or the organic form of a stone washed up from the sea." Now, step inside to see the rest of his dream.

The Principal Residence, Inside

The Guest Cottages

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