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An excursion into lot 36...

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Is an entry into a fantasy land botanical garden... 

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Botanical garden picture, Costa Rica, Tango Mar Residential Community where structures are subordinate to, and blended, with Nature.

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The owner writes, "Look around in Nature and you will find virtually no straight lines or geometric figures. Yes, the horizon is straight and sodium chloride crystals form a geometric structure, but generally, Nature is dominated by Yurt like structure and roof of guest cottage on lot 36, Tango Marcurved lines or forms. Just think of a curved line of a blade of grass or the organic form of a stone washed up from the sea."

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Continuing, "The word organic is key in the new construction of lot 36, next to the waterfall. Rather than building a massive house which would dominate the 1300 square meter lot (three acres), two small guest houses and a relatively small principal house are currently being built on the property. The concept revolves around the theme of the botanical garden being number one, with housing playing a secondary role. The materials used in the Construction at Tango Mar Residential Community, Costa Ricaconstruction are not natural tree trunks or rustic bamboo. On the contrary, concrete walls and copper sheet roofs (with the eventual patina) represent modern day, unnatural materials. The use of these materials takes on organic forms in order to bring the maximum harmony between the garden and the living quarters."

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Knowing that his novel ideas have raised concerns, he says, "Many Tangomartians have already expressed their straight forward Construction, building on a beach lot at Tango Mar Costa Ricaopinions! The construction is still in it's early stages. You are welcome to follow the completion of this project, on site and first hand. Just remember that unconventional ideas and experimentation sometimes leads to progress. Other times, it can take us nowhere. But, it always makes us wiser, and this time, hopefully, content."

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The traditionally styled caretakers residence guards the main entrance. This new construction is built almost entirely with Nazareno (Purple Heart) wood.

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The original cabina, along side the man made stream.

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The existing Jacuzzi.