December, 2003, Page 4

Year in Review

The Mirador overlook at Tango Mar Resort Community, Costa Rica
A newly expanded mirador overlook with sturdy railings.
Enjoy the incredible view!

Larsens house and guest quarters at Tango Mar Community, Costa Rica
No, you're not seeing double. Brad and Liza have added a second,
look alike, but smaller guest quarter to the right of their main house.

Unusually deisgned Pagoda at Tango Mar Resort Community
And this is an alien spacecraft landing...?
Or, a crashing giant kite in the forest?

The dual kite like roof of the Larsen's new Pagoda at Costa Rica beach resort - Tango Mar
Well, from this angle, it's the new gazebo that Brad and Liza have just finished
after the old one was destroyed by a tree during a wind storm. Click to see
And the original here. What a great recovery, concept and view!

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