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December, 2003, Page 4

Year in Review

  • The Mirador overlook at Tango Mar Resort Community, Costa Rica

A newly expanded mirador overlook with sturdy railings.
Enjoy the incredible view!

  • Larsens house and guest quarters at Tango Mar Community, Costa Rica

No, you're not seeing double. Brad and Liza have added a second, look alike, but smaller guest quarter to the right of their main house.

  • Unusually deisgned Pagoda at Tango Mar Resort Community

And this is an alien spacecraft landing...?
Or, a crashing giant kite in the forest?

  • The dual kite like roof of the Larsen

Well, from this angle, it's the new gazebo that Brad and Liza have just finished
after the old one was destroyed by a tree during a wind storm. Click to see
And the original here. What a great recovery, concept and view!