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  • aug-1999

Dear Tango Mar Member,

It has been six months now since we have had out first meeting of the Tango Mar Lot Owners Committee. Therefore, I thought it might be appropriate to reflect on some of the decisions of the committee that have brought Tango Mar closer to the reality of the paradise that we all wish to enjoy. As any committee or group of people comprised of self-made, strong willed individuals with divergent opinions, sometimes the air would crackle as members fought for their views. But no matter how charged the atmosphere became, all of us never lost sight of the reason why we were all present and so concerned - our commitment to the Tango Mar dream.

I feel that one of the most important decisions of the committee is one that will have a dramatic and positive effect on the eventual number of total homes built here at Tango Mar. It will help ensure that our resort will remain a more intimate community. It started out with several homeowners being interested in creating a buffer zone of vacant lots around their homes, or maybe building a guest quarters or a garage on an adjacent lot. Although these requests were expressed years ago, there was no system in place or devised to motivate a homeowner who wanted buy a lot next to him to do so strictly for the purpose of a privacy buffer, i.e., a green zone. The committee believed that as a concession for less residences at Tango Mar, and therefore less demand on our infrastructure -swimming pools, tennis courts, water, roads, etc. - that we would promote a reduction in the community maintenance fees for any additional "green" lot purchased contiguous to the main residential lot. For example, one homeowner purchased an additional three lots around his home; and, per the committee decision, he agreed to "marry" all four lots into one estate. Since he was retiring three full priced residential lots to make them green zones, the financial demand for more new common area capital improvements, upgrades and maintenance, relative to his four-lot estate is reduced. Also, the "married" parcels must later be sold as one residential unit, therefore continuing the secluded openness of our resort. We felt that this is a long term, win-win situation for both Tango Mar and all homeowners.

Other less dramatic decisions range from making the speed bumps more user friendly to an improved beach cleanup program. The good working relationship we have with the new owners of the resort, Antoon and Luc - who also happen to be the largest owner of remaining lots - allowed the committee to develop architectural guidelines for the protection of all. Guidelines for the guards, security suggestions for the homeowners, motorcycle use and dog ownership guidelines, lighting and ecological guidelines, and resolutions to water problems have all been discussed and acted upon. Because of the enthusiasm of committee members at the meetings, most members have spontaneously offered to personally pay for pet projects that were not in the current budget! Therefore, a turn around/parking area has been built, guard dog pens have been constructed and guard dogs donated, and an offer of road construction has been made pending approval of it's location. Other members have committed themselves to drilling a new water well pending final approval of the Tango Mar water association. Another member is donating computer equipment for accounting, and others have even offered to absorb some of the cost that ICE is asking for in order to bring in more phone lines to the resort.

Which brings me to my next point. For those of you who wanted to reserve phone lines to your home site, ICE is now asking for $100 US good faith deposit per line. You must make your reservation and deposit now as ICE (the government monopoly) is not inclined to bring in a larger than necessary trunk line. Those who don't subscribe now will probably be denied service in the future, just as we don't have enough lines now and are having to appeal for more…not a pleasant process. Please watch your email for updates within a week to ensure your reservation.

Once again, if you have any concerns you wish the committee to address, please email them to me or contact any committee member.

Best Regards,