Turtle tracks, Costa Rica, nesting

Dear Tango Mar Member,

We all know what made the tracks to the left…

OK, a turtle…

But what made the tracks to the right?

Turtle tracks on the beach in Costa Rica, Tango Mar Resort

For the answer, see the picture at the bottom.


Welcome, from Tango Mar again! I know that it has been awhile since you have heard from me, but there have been some events in my life which have kept me very preoccupied for some time. As a result, the Tango Mar Newsletter hasn't meet its normal, timely publication dates. Hopefully, publication can now be more frequent.


Tango Mar has been pretty much on auto pilot as various committee members were absent at different times over the last few months. For that reason, few meetings were held, and TMC basically guided the farm. On another note, all of us here at Tango Mar would like to extend a heartfelt welcome to Xavier and Inge, daughter and son-in-law of Antoon and Hilde. Xavier and Inge are now managing the hotel operation with Luc. The hotel operation is also happy to announce that it has just retained an international chef who is in charge of the restaurant. Chef Deatmar has worked in Hong Kong, Jersey, Jamaica, France, and England. We all are looking forward to trying out Chef Deatmar's culinary fare.

Beach cleanup at Tango Mar Resort, Costa Rica

Best Regards,





Oslin, our ubiquitous, smiling, and enthusiastic member of the beach cleanup crew, pauses for a picture. The beach, from the west end to the Mirador, has never been cleaner during the rainy season, as he is out there everyday.

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