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  • Property for sale sign at vacation resort Tango Mar, Nicoya Peninsula

Now you see it...

  • Real Estate sold sign at Tango Mar Resort, Costa Rica, Central Pacific, Central America

And, now you don't!.

Escrow has closed on Chuck's house, and he is moving to nearby Tambor.
We will miss you, Chuck, and your poolside parties!
And, a very warm welcome to the new owners,
who plan on vacationing here often.

What happened here?

  • Resort beach community - Gazebo overlooking the ocean destroyed by falling tree
  • Ficus tree that destroyed gazebo at Tango Mar Beach resort

You may remember the gazebo at Brad and Liza's house (Tango Mar Newsletter March, 2002.) Even though we are blessed with great weather here at Tango Mar - there are no hurricanes - occasionally, we do get some strong winds. This one caught the limb of the Ficus tree over their gazebo a few days after they returned to California. But, for all the bad news of the destruction and total flattening, the good news is that they were away from the property when it happened, as the gazebo is one of their favorite spots.

A Forgotten Tango Mar Amenity...

  • Tide pools on the ocean at beach and golf resort Tango Mar, Costa Rica
  • Hot tub like tide pools on the ocean at Tango Mar Beach Hotel, Costa Rica

For many of us, including myself, we forget about the natural tide pool / hot tubs on the east side of Tango Mar. I was reintroduced to them by Brad and Liza who told me how much they enjoyed them, and periodically send their gardener there to pick up the plastic trash washed in from the ocean (right - Cholo). The trail leading there through the finca property will be better marked with a new sign being made so that tourists can find it easier, and residents will be reminded. In addition, a schedule is being set up by the resort community to clear the access trail of brush and clean the tide pool area. Enjoy it sometime! It's an interesting short walk, and a refreshing dip when you get there. Best to go at medium to low tide.

  • Gardener who pick up plastic trash at ocean tidepools at Vacation Resort Tango Mar

And, Lastly, Another Blue Flag - This one on the beach..

  • Blue beach, clean beach, ecological beach award flag at Tourist and community resort, Tango Mar, Costa Rica

To match the other one at the entrance roundabout,
see here -  (March, 2003 Newsletter)

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