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April, 2002

  • Welcome to Tango Mar Beach and Golf Resort and Residential Community

Welcome to Tango Mar...

The latest version of the roundabout seems to say. Over the years, a number of different designs have been tried on this welcoming centerpiece of the resort, but this latest planting, donatedby a Tango Mar member, seems to be the most successful. After a few close calls at the intersection, some of the higher plants were removed and lower flowers were planted, a sprinkler system was installed, and then the maintenance was taken over by the resort hotel operation about three months ago.

  • Nursery at Tango Mar residential and retirement resort

For some time now, the nursery has been relocated to an area across from the Tropical Suites because the original location became too shady due to the maturing trees.

  • Haliconias at the Tango Mar nursery, Costa Rica

Sunset orange heliconias bathe in the sprinkler water and await transplanting elsewhere.

  • Notching a roof to accommodate a grwoing tree at Tango Mar

What do you do when a sapling matures into a healthy tree next to the Tropical Suites? Well, you notch the roof, of course!

  • Grounds manager, Coco at Tango Mar Resort

Coco, machete in hand, proudly poses in front of the Tropical Suites, benefiting recently from a cleanup and replanting. Since Jimmy Molina has taken over the management of the hotel operation, there has been more emphasis on improving the grounds, as shown also on the following page.