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  1. Hotel Tango Mar

    Quizales Beach, Tambor, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica
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  2. Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve

    It is located at the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula in Puntarenas province and covers an area of 1270 hectares in the terrestrial and 1800 hectares in the marina, a mile from the coast towards the sea throughout the reserve, including Isla Cabo Blanco, was created on October 21, 1963.
  3. Tambor Airport

    Tambor Airport is an airport that serves Tambor, Costa Rica. The airport is also relatively close to Mal Pais, Santa Teresa, Montezuma, Cobano, Playa Cocalito, and Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve. It is the only airport on the Nicoya Peninsula.
  4. Montezuma

    Playa Montezuma, Costa Rica
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    Montezuma in Costa Rica is a cozy picturesque village, known for its bohemian atmosphere and scenic beauty of its beaches, rivers and waterfalls.
  5. Curú National Wildlife Refuge and Hacienda

    Curú National Wildlife Refuge and Hacienda is located on the southern Nicoya Peninsula of northwestern Costa Rica. The area is teaming with abundant wildlife and hosts one of the most beautiful beaches and protected bays on the Nicoya Peninsula.
  6. Tambor

    Tambor, Costa Rica
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    Tambor is a small quiet beach town that nurtures a laid-back atmosphere. This village is located on the west coast of Costa Rica along the Gulf of Nicoya, where calm waters ride up on a grey-hued shores colored from the neighboring volcano
  7. Tortuga Island

    Tortuga Island
    Isla Tortuga, Costa Rica
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    The beautiful and peaceful Tortuga Island lies off the Southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. The tip of the peninsula is home to fabulous laid back villages, outstanding pristine beaches and gorgeous reserves and wildlife refuges
  8. Santa Teresa

    Santa Teresa Beach, Puntarenas, 160, Costa Rica
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    The sleepy beach hamlet of Malpais is billed as a surfer's paradise, and the surf is indeed exceptional. It provides consistent and outstanding swells year round. Located 4 miles (6.5 km) north of Cabo Blanco National Park, Malpais sits at the southwestern cusp of the Nicoya Peninsula, opposite Montezuma. The Nicoya Peninsula is considered laid-back and the stretch of beach that is Mal Pais and Santa Teresa is an excellent place to do just that so be prepared to kickback and unwind
  9. Mal Pais Beach

    Playa Mal Pais, Costa Rica
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    It's ironic that Malpaís means "bad land" in Spanish—this is a place where the beach stretches for miles and the waves can make even the most seasoned of surfers drool.
  10. Cóbano

    Cóbano, Costa Rica
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    Cóbano is one of the districts of the canton of Puntarenas, located on the southern end of the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. Near the town the Absolute Nature Reserve Cabo Blanco is located
  11. Paquera Ferry

    Puntarenas, Costa Rica
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    If you are in Puntarenas and are planning to visit Montezuma, Tambor, Santa Teresa, Malpaís, Paquera or any beach in this area, taking the ferry from Puntarenas to Paquera is one of the best options for transportation.